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Google adds public transport data to Maps

UK users of Google Maps can now benefit from the addition of public transport data to aid navigation from smartphones and tablets whilst out and about.

The update extends limited coverage in larger cities to the whole country for the first time, enabling national travellers to benefit from the extended reach.

The ‘public transport’ option in the route finder pulls timetabling information direct from Traveline to offer Android users guidance on how to reach their destination – although it will not have access to the real-time data present in Nokia Maps.

A key innovation from Google however is the conversion of Traveline’s raw data into the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format – which will be made freely available to smaller app developers for use in their own services.

Traveline chief executive Julie Williams said: "It's an amazing shop window for our operators' services. The presentation and way Google has pulled together the data looks exceptional - we've not seen anything like that before."

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