Heineken campaign aims to promote low alcohol alternatives from Foster's and Bulmers brands

Heineken has launched a campaign to promote its low alcohol Foster’s and Bulmers alternatives.

The company tasked Space with creating a shopper marketing campaign promoting Foster’s Radler and a new ‘moderation’ range for Bulmers cider.

The agency created the ‘Full Flavour Refreshment’ campaign, which targets the products at customers looking for brands to fit “lower tempo drinking occasions”.

The campaign will include outdoor advertising near retail spaces and in-store POS material.

Sean Kelly, group account director at Space, said: “It was a challenging brief to communicate Foster’s Radler and Bulmers cider together. At Space we build brand intimacy, and see this work as the start of the relationship between the target audience and the category.

“We’ve done this by identifying and creating the right occasions for drinkers and shoppers alike to try these refreshing flavours this summer.”

The campaign runs until the end of May and will target retailers including Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons.