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The #weareallmonkeys anti-racism campaign revealed to be brainchild of marketing agency Loducca

Neymar uploaded the first image

The #weareallmonkeys anti-racism campaign, which saw celebrities posting pictures of themselves eating bananas after footballer Dani Alves ate a banana tossed on the pitch, has been revealed to be pre-planned by a marketing agency.

Loducca, the agency behind the campaign, explained that it was the brainchild of the agency along with Alves and Neymar, who posted the first photo.

The agency said: “On the way back to Barcelona, after his loss to the Granada, fans imitated monkeys when Neymar Jr. was coming to Camp Nou. At that moment, Neymar Jr., knowing the world has responsibility, wanted to demonstrate against racism and asked us, along with Mr. Neymar and Eduardo Musa, to think of something that could be done on social networks.”

It was decided ‘to do something humorous’, with the agency stating “We created the hashtag "we're all monkeys" and the idea of sending "a banana" for all racists over a photo of Neymar eating a banana.

“Fortunately most understood the importance and see the way that ironic and iconic (banana) was used and therefore [the campaign] had success so quickly and spontaneously.”

The hashtag #somostodosmacacos has been mentioned in over 207,000 tweets, while the English version of the hashtag, #weareallmonkeys, has been used over 118,000 times.

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