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Facebook responsible for 24% of mobile referrals to news and entertainment publishers

24% of referrals come from Facebook, 2% from Pinterest

Facebook accounts for a quarter (24 per cent) of mobile referrals to top news and entertainment publishers, while Twitter only accounts for seven per cent, research from Quantcast has found.

The company looked at referral sources for the top 250 publishers using Quantcast Measure over the past year and found Facebook generates more mobile referrals to news and entertainment publishers than all other social media sources combined.

Art Prateepvanich, head of product marketing at Quantcast, said: “Facebook is showing us where to find content on mobile, and it’s also providing the platform to consume that content; Facebook’s in-app browser is now the leading third-party browser on iOS.

“Largely because of Facebook’s growth as a content aggregator on mobile, social media has surpassed search as the leading source of mobile referrals to news and entertainment publishers.”

The research from Quantcast comes shortly after Facebook launched FB Newswire, which aggregates newsworthy content shared publicly on Facebook.

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