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57% of businesses are spending at least 50% more on Twitter marketing

Over half of marketers (53 per cent) said that their biggest bugbear with social media was its potential to be time intensive, a study by SocialBro has found.

The research of those who use the platform discovered that 57 per cent are spending at least fifty per cent more on Twitter marketing compared with two years ago, with 15 per cent of respondents stating that their spending has tripled.

SocialBro’s research comes as Twitter reveals an advertising revenue increase of 125 per cent.

Javier Burón, CEO and co-founder of SocialBro, said: “These findings reflect the fact that Twitter has really matured in the last couple of years, introducing new ways of advertising and revamping its design. Companies expect to see hard business benefits and they accept that it is worth investing to deliver a consistent and creative brand experience that achieves measurable return on investment.”

The ‘real time’ aspect of Twitter appeals to 74 per cent of those surveyed, while two thirds commended its potential to spread messages virally.

However - “A badly managed social media campaign has the potential to be a black hole for time,” warns Burón. “But it doesn’t need to be that way. It is easy to make your Twitter routine more efficient as long as you have structured planning, monitoring and reporting systems in place.”

While the majority of SMEs (up to 200 employees) rated brand building as their key reason for using Twitter with lead generation in second place, bigger companies with 500+ employees were much more likely to list acquiring new customers as a top priority.

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