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Ad of the Day: Powerade - 'Nico'

In this touching US ad, home video clips show a young man growing up, from tot to late teen. What sets him apart is the fact he only has one leg: from the torso, where his thigh should be, there is nothing. We don't know what happened - whether he was born this way or had to have his leg removed as a baby - but what we see is how he matures into a sports-lover whose team mates treat him as an equal.

By associating themselves with people whose determination enables them to prevail despite difficult circumstances, Powerade is suggesting that not just any old drink will do for those who are driven.

The editing of this spot is what gives it its resonance, and the unwavering directness in Nico's eyes leaves you with a sense of admiration for both him and his family for just getting on with life regardless.

Client: Powerade

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam

Executive Creative Directors: Mark Bernath, Eric Quennoy

Creative Directors: Alvaro Sotomayor, Rosie Bardales

Art Director: Mike Bond

Copywriter: Bernard Hunter

Film Production: Caviar

Director: AG Rojas (repped by Park Pictures)

This analysis was provided by David Reviews.

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