Bluetooth Smart, Citymapper, Snapchat, TfL and Weve announced as the inaugural MOMAs Judges’ Choice Awards

Ahead of the announcement of this year’s MOMAs (Marketing on Mobile Awards) nominations, The Drum can reveal those to make it into the brand new Judges’ Choice category.

In its second year, the MOMAs, sponsored by Celtra, rewards excellence in mobile campaigns, apps, sites and strategies. The Judges’ Choice category was created this year to reward mobile developments and apps to have made an impression on this year's judges. There are no holds barred as the Judges’ Choice is not an entered category but instead showcases the five mobile apps or developments to have impressed the judges most outwith the award entries.

Bluetooth Smart, Citymapper, Snapchat, TfL and Weve were all singled out by the judges as having particular resonance over the last 12 months, either for their impact on consumers or for shaking up the mobile marketing sector.

Now The Drum needs your help to decide the order of the five Judges’ Choices, to be announced at the MOMAs ceremony on 21 May. You can vote for your favourite by clicking 'Like' below. Voting will remain open until EOP on Wednesday 23 April.

The full list of MOMAs nominations will be published on at 3pm today.

Bluetooth Smart

Bluetooth Smart provides the latest platform for brands to communicate with their customers by linking the physical and digital worlds through mobile. Bluetooth Smart allows small Bluetooth beacons to be placed in a physical environment like a retail store or a museum, and these beacons can communicate with an app on a customer's smartphone and open up content or create an interaction on their phone dependent on the proximity of the customer to the beacon. Bluetooth Smart is the technology behind Apple's iBeacons which has been much discussed by press and trialled by retailers, but importantly Bluetooth Smart also works on other OS like Android. “[Bluetooth Smart] is the next big opportunity for mobile to cement its role as the remote control in the physical world, providing augmentation, navigation and personalised interactions seamlessly for all parties,” says Ross Sleight, chief strategy officer, Somo.


A journey planner app currently covering London, New York City, Paris and Berlin, Citymapper has plans to expand to other cities. The app's interface provides ease of use, telling you the quickest route to wherever you want to go, showing all the available transport options including the Tube, car, bus and Boris bikes.Mark Freeman, founding partner, Movement, says: “It’s exciting. It points the way to what’s possible when live data is available.”“It’s on the money from a UX/UI perspective. As a service it rarely, if ever, lets you down and it fully embraces the concept of mobility. Travel in London was worse before it existed. It’s a really wonderful product that can genuinely improve urban life.”


Snapchat is a photo messaging application that allows users to share photos and video with a controlled list of recipients, whilst determining the time limit for how long recipients can view their Snaps (typically within 1 to 10 seconds). After this amount of time, ‘Snaps’ will be hidden from the recipient's device and deleted from Snapchat's servers. Snapchat’s popularity over the last 18 months has been outstanding with well over 20 million photos reportedly being shared on a daily basis. The app’s success reflects trends in growing use of instant messaging platforms and consumer concerns around privacy. The application has recently started to become a platform for marketers to distribute ‘exclusive / instant’ content to audiences.

TFL – Transport for London

TFL has used mobile technology to make huge advances to solving one a big problem that affects many people – getting around London. The judges felt that TFL is not getting the credit it deserves. The advances have included a redesign of its responsive web interface to make journey planning and getting information a lot easier on mobiles, as well as:
  • integration of technology such NFC
  • the use of apps to make their transport innovations more impactful – such as the Boris bikes app
  • the use of SMS at bus stops
  • freeing up its data and APIs so that people can build their own innovations


Weve is a joint venture between the UK’s three largest mobile network operators (EE, O2 and Vodafone ), representing over 80 per cent of UK mobile customers between them. The joint venture was formed by the three shareholders to create and accelerate the development of mobile marketing and wallet services in the UK. “Such a venture between three such well-established competitors in the MNO space is unique to the UK and would probably have been deemed impossible in other markets,” says Milton Elias, head of mobile, OMD. “The birth of Weve brings a number of exciting opportunities to the UK mobile marketing space due to its unique data, targeting and scale.”