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Social users have 3 times higher level of ad awareness than those who do not use these social networking sites

Those who use Twitter and Facebook have a level of ad awareness up to three times higher than those who do not use these social networking sites, research from YouGov BrandIndex has found.

The research focussed on Three’s #SingItKitty ad, discovering that 73 per cent of those who watched the new ad said they liked it. It was also discovered that advertising awareness has almost doubled since it launched, standing at 10 per cent as of 24 March, whilst consideration for Three increased by up to three per cent since the campaign started.

YouGov suggested “the use of a hashtag in television adverts, and Three’s social media presence in general, have been important to the success of the campaign.”Both Three's #SingitKitty and last year's #DancePonyDance campaign has focusied on looknig at social as well as the TV ad itself, with each hashtag displaying prominently in the ad. However, the results also suggest that last year’s #Danceponydance advert commanded a greater level of viewer engagement (between two and five per cent more) than the #Singitkitty advert.