Diageo partners with David Beckham for new Scotch Whisky launch

Drinks giant Diageo has partnered with footballer David Beckham and entrepreneur Simon Fuller to launch Haig Club, a single grain Scotch Whisky.

The global launch will see Beckham positioned as a brand ambassador for the tipple by leading a responsible drinking programme which is being marketed as the latest innovation from the historic whisky dynasty of the House of Haig.

David Gates, Diageo’s global head of premium core spirits, commented: “Whisky is experiencing a continued global renaissance and like many of the world’s most respected whisky experts, we believe this will be the year that grain whisky breaks into the mainstream and gains the recognition it deserves.”

Fuller added: “This is a long term commitment. It is important to us that we create something unique and of great quality. With Haig Club we have an opportunity to push boundaries and help shape how Scotch will be perceived in the future, it’s an exciting proposition. We could not wish for a better partner than Diageo.”

Haig Club will be officially unveiled later this year.