Has Thompson at the NYT given newspapers a new way to pull in extra cash and readers?


By Noel Young, Correspondent

April 4, 2014 | 3 min read

It’s a problem that has bedeviled newspapers worldwide: how do you- faced with falling circulations and wilting ad sales , persuade readers to spend even more time and money with you?

Mark Thompson: More revenue?

The NewYork Times, with a massive journalistic staff of more than 1000, and with ex-BBC chief Mark Thompson, in charge believes it has found a way - pushing digital enterprise further and faster than ever before.

The answer is New York Times Premier. I can do no more that let the blurb do the work.

“We invite you to
discover the ultimate
insider experience,” says the headline .

The story goes on: Deepen your connection to The Times as never before. Add Times Premier now to your subscription and open up privileged access to the exclusive features and expanded benefits described below.

Exclusively for Times Premier, “our journalists bring you fascinating behind-the-scenes accounts of the big stories they’re covering and more." One niggle here, "Doesn't that sort of stuff belong in the main paper?"

The blurb goes on, “You will get exclusive access to videos of renowned Times journalists interviewing superstars of the arts, politics, fashion. “

I have to say that sounds just a bit incestuous, but still… 

Subscribers " will get two free e-books every month, each compiling past Times articles on a single intriguing topic. 
And Then there’s Special Times Crosswords, “handpicked for Times Premier subscribers.

“They’re delightful challenges that could only come from our master crosswords editor Will Shortz.”

Then there’s gift subscriptions: “Spread the insights and give a 12-week Times All Digital Access gift subscription to up to three friends annually, with our compliments.”

In Fact the 99c a week four week offer of a trial is a steal. Even at $10 a month for home delivery subscribers, that could be quite good, if you haven’e already read the paper.

But for those venturing in from outside, the price of $40 a month sounds pretty pricey.

I’ve taken the 99c deal. I’ll let you know how I am getting on! Has the man from the Beeb just given newspapers a new lease on life?



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