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Watch baby Spiderman dance in new Evian ad

Following on from the Baby and Me dancing baby ad from last year, Evian has unveiled a new ad with BETC Paris, showing Spiderman swinging around before he notices a baby version of himself in a mirrored window.

After having a skipping competition – as you do – Spiderman and Spiderbaby begin to dance... before Spidey has to run off (presumably to fight crime).

Elsa De Guzman, Evian’s global brand marketing manager, said: “Spiderman is a universal icon and an essential figure in popular culture. He is an approachable super hero, and one through whom you can reconnect with your childhood. We soon realised the potential for celebration that goes with this idea of the encounter between Spiderman and his inner baby.

“The film expresses Evian’s Live Young philosophy; the idea that youth is not a matter of age, but your attitude to life.”

The short film, which is now live on YouTube, has been timed to complement the release of The Amazing Spiderman 2, which hits movie theatres worldwide from 18 April.