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Ten of the best ads that have been ‘inspired by film’

Digital Cinema Media (DCM) and D&AD have unveiled a compilation of 10 of the best ads that have been inspired by film over the past 10 years as part of their recently announced partnership and year-long ‘Inspired by Film’ programme, which is launching during Advertising Week Europe.

The list will be promoted via a social media campaign and will target the Advertising Week audience by encouraging participants to highlight their favourite ad inspired by film, while an Inspired by Film workshop is set to take place tomorrow (3 April).

Zoe Jones, marketing director at DCM, said: “After much consideration and delving into both our and D&AD’s archives, we are proud to announce our favourite ads inspired by film. We’re excited to be at the forefront of this crossover between creative industries and look forward to the debate we hope our curated list will generate. These fantastic ads also demonstrate why the quality of ads can be just as good as the film you pay to see at the cinema.”

Several of the ads are American Super Bowl spots, known for their big spends and imaginative ideas.

The ads below are in no particular order

Philips 'Carousel'; created by Tribal DDB Amsterdam

Philips announces the launch of it’s exclusive 'Carousel' movie using a cinematic single tracking shot which depicts a bank robbery to promote the Cinema 21:9 LCD TV.

British Heart Foundation/Vinnie Jones ‘Hard and Fast’; created by Grey London

Vinnie Jones uses his Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ hardman persona in this BHF advert to promote a ‘Hard and Fast’ resuscitation technique.

VW/Star Wars ‘The Bark Side’; created by Deutsch LA

This VW advert, ahead of the Super Bowl, presents a choir of dogs barking Darth Vader's imperial march from 'Star Wars'.

Orange 'Steven Seagal'; created by Mother

Steven Seagal lends his famous action character to Orange’s advert which promotes the full cinematic experience... and not the usual trip to the golf course.

Jaguar 'Villains'; created by Spark44

Jaguar amplifies it’s British branding in a 2014 Super Bowl ad, featuring Sir Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong who play stereotypical British supervillains who compare their precision, power hunger and style with the Jags that they drive.

Giff Gaff/Zombie theme ‘Don’t be Scared’; created by Fallon London

Giff Gaff uses the popular generic Zombie scene of overwhelming a ‘normal’ person to promote it’s ‘different’ tariffs and network structure.

Honda 'Ferris Bueller'; created by RPA

Honda parodies Matthew Broderick’s original ‘Ferris Bueller’ film storyline of his character enjoying a ‘sick day’ to advertise the new Honda model.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 'Evolution'; created by 72andSunny

Samsung Galaxy Gear showcases its new smart watch against the changing watches and films since 1940 using the ‘evolution’ theme.

VW 'Silence of the Lambs'; created by DDB (Adam&Eve)

VW portrays a ‘see film differently’ advert on the set of ‘Silence of the Lambs’, using two make-up women on the film set to contextualise the famous sound of Hannibal Lector in the film.

BT/Lego 'The Lego Movie'; PHD, Drum and ITV

BT uses its familiar couple in a flat to change everything into Lego; as part of the promotion for The Lego Movie. Other brands including BHF and also got a Lego make-over.

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