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Nick Clegg vs Nigel Farage: Twitter stats ahead of the European Union debate

Ahead of the Nick Clegg versus Nigel Farage debate on whether the UK should stay in the European Union, Birdsong has taken a look at their social statistics.

The research found that Nigel Farage is a more active tweeter, averaging four tweets a day to under one a day for Nick Clegg.

Over three quarters (83 per cent) of Clegg’s tweets are not replies or retweets “so it looks more like a broadcast function than any attempt to engage followers”, according to Birdsong, while 43 per cent of Farage’s most recent tweets are retweets or mentions. However, Clegg leads in terms of followers, with almost 50,000 more followers than his rival. Clegg also has a more evenly split percentage of men to women followers: 21 per cent of Cleggs’s followers are women, while 38.7 per cent are men. The rest do not reveal their gender. For Farage, 51.5 per cent of followers are male, with only 9.5 per cent female.The figures used are correct as of midday on 2 April.

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