Former Heineken global strategy director works with SomeOne to develop low alcohol beer idea

By Gillian West | Social media manager




April 2, 2014 | 2 min read

Former Heineken director of global strategy and now founder of Greyhound Drinks John Hunt has been working with SomeOne to create a new idea for beer.

SomeOne co-founder, David Law, explained: “John had produced a low alcohol recipe for a lager that combined natural berries, fruit, herbs spices and minerals into a new product category. The taste is subtle, with hints of cucumber and elderflower and it’s ‘sparkling’ rather than ‘high fizz’. It has the complexity of a Pimm’s, but the lightness of a mexican lager, but most of all – it is very, very refreshing.

“So we had a drink that was different and tasted great but who was it for? Was it a flavoured beer? A health drink? An energy drink? Our friends at Red Spider had helped John find a few potential areas of interest and we began by quickly prototyping rough designs and names within those areas to see what developed.”

An agile, iterative design approach was taken to enable the agency to discover whether or not it was possible to build a whole new category language or if it was best to draw on familiar cues to help educate people. With no big budget launch advertising planned the latter was chosen as the best path.
A clear bottle was chosen in order to enable consumers to see the liquid inside. The name ‘Dune Surfer’ was then chosen as it alluded to deserts as well as sports and a laid back lifestyle. The wordmark draws inspiration from the practice of drawing your name in the sand and the colour scheme and print detailing has been carefully considered to help maximise its shelf standout. The beer is now set to launch nationally this summer.

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