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#Europedebate racks up 38,000 tweets, Farage gains five times new Twitter followers than Clegg

BBC Two's televised Nick Clegg versus Nigel Farage debate racked up over 38,000 tweets in the hour it took place using official hashtag #EuropeDebate, Topsy has found - over ten times that sent during the radio debate last week.The research also discovered that 47,000 tweets using the hashtag have been sent in the last 24 hours, while in the last hour, 8,397 tweets were sent using hashtag #NickvNigel.YouGov, who also ran a poll for the previous radio debate, revealed that the majority were in favour of Farage's speech. It has stated that 61 per cent of the surveyed public thought that Farage won the debate, while 27 per cent stated Clegg won, and five per cent said they didn't know who the winner was.Despite this, Clegg said "It was a very lively debate, I enjoyed it hugely".Prior to the debate, Clegg had 160,004 followers on Twitter. At time of writing, it now stands at 160,293. Farage had 110,914, this now stands at 112,022.The name 'Farage' was mentioned in 21,253 tweets in the past hour, Tospy found, while 'Clegg' was used in 17,755.

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