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The Drum tows the Campain/Marketing Weak #shabbycab to Ad Week Europe

As The Drum's taxi interviews around Advertising Week Europe were taking place, the Media Brand and Business Magazine of the Year was also kind enough to step in and help some other titles taxi make it to the event as well.

The shabby cab, which brought together Campain and Marketing Weak, was so clapped out that it was barely able to make it to the festival without the aid of The Drum's tow truck, which was enlisted to give them a helping hand.

Said one onlooker: "The cab drove around the centre of London but its so old and worn out that no one would want to get in. They really should get a new one instead of using the same old thing."

Meanwhile, The Drum had partnered with Hailo and Media Agency Group to interview some of those attending the week long advertising festival and give them a lift to and from the venues in a branded taxi of their own.

Tweet #Hailthedrum if you want to propose a taxi interview that you think might be of interest to The Drum's readers or #shabbycab if you spot the clapped out taxi on the street of London this morning.

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