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April Fools

April Fools: Apple acquisition, steak shampoo, tablet for couples, pedometer pants and more...


By Ishbel Macleod, PR and social media consultant

April 1, 2014 | 7 min read

You may have noticed that it is 1 April (are we really a quarter of the way through the year already?) and there have been some strange announcements. Here is a roll-call of some of the April Fools campaigns that made us snigger.

ifixit: Apple acquisition

Apple has made a new acquisition. So far, so realistic. Until you get to the line: "As part of the deal, Apple made a commitment to produce the most replaceable electronic devices and personal computers on the market."

Red Bull: tweeting dashboard

Formula One will test a new steering wheel in Bahrain that allows drivers to send tweets during the race.

Tesco: Cudl

Say hello to the Cudl, the 7-inch HD tablet system based on the award-winning Hudl. Think like a cup-and string, allowing couples to snuggle up while watching separate shows.

GroupON: dating service

Named after the Roman God of Desire, GROUPiD’s arrows will aim for those who seek not just true love, but a true bargain as well. Via a geo-data algorithm, users will be matched with people nearby based on their similar purchase history, effectively bridging the gap between romance, convenience, experiences and fun dates in one fell swoop. Over 1000 have signed up already...

Virgin Active: smartie pants

Virgin Active today unveiled revolutionary smart technology to help people of Britain tone their creating pants with a pedometer.

Innis & Gunn: oak bottles

How many times have you had a beer and thought 'gosh, this flavour would be better if the bottle was made of wood, not glass? Innis & Gunn solve this dilemma with hand-made oak bottles.

YouTube: Viral trends

YouTube has suggested the big trends of 2014 in a video, and invites users to stay ahead of the curve by filming their own versions now. Fancy a ‘Glub Glub Water Dance’, flash-mob divorces or kissing dad video? You've come to the right place...

Ocado: world's largest tablet

Ocado Technology today launches the world’s largest tablet, the category defining 42” sLablet. It even features image stabilisation so muscle spasms induced by holding the sLablet don’t ruin users’ selfies.

Warbutons: sandwiching the gerkin

Let's face it...the London skyline is a bit boring. So Warburtons has shared its expansion plans for offices ‘sandwiching’ the Gherkin

AXA Business Insurance: Superhero insurance

How do the superheroes who don't have the money of Batman afford healthcare after they've been up against a big bad? AXA has thoughtfully come up with an option for this as it launches superhero insurance.

Boost Energy Drinks: energy shampoo

Tired, flat hair? Built on the success of its range of energy drinks, Boost has created a new shampoo range. Not only does it clean your hair, it allows extra energy to soak into your brain through your hair follicles and helps rev you up for the day.

Ikea: LONE chair

Good news for singles. Our new LÖNE singleton dining table comes with a mirror, perfect for those times you wished you had someone to eat with at home.

VO5: steak shampoo, chips conditioner

If men have Lynx to make them smell irresistible, what do women have? VO5 has the answer, with its steak scented shampoo and chip smelling conditioner.Warning: you may eat your own hair in extreme moments of hunger.

Mini: brewing up a new car

Forget electric cars, Mini has the newest and most eco-friendly option: cars that run on tea, and can cover 40 miles in a single cup.This revolutionary new model, which is available in a variety of colours including ‘Chamomile Yellow’, ‘Red Bush’ and ‘Earl Grey’, is expected to cause a real stir in the motor industry

Churchill: dog food

Oooh, yes! Churchill has launched a range of no-nonsense dog food called Doggy Din-Dins by Churchill, which include products such as ‘Sausage in a can’ and ‘Slipper flavoured biscuits’

Highland Spring: Spring Step

The patented design of these new trainers from Highland Spring fills the heels with our Sparkling spring water, providing a cushion of bubbles that help to spring your feet off the ground as you run.

Dominos: edible box

Introducing the world's first 100 per cent edible pizza box from Dominos, perfect for dunking in your Garlic and Herb dip.

BMW: making slow drives faster

With BMW’s latest innovation, the Force Injection Booster, you can now experience the exhileration of the Autobahn on the school run

Chupa Chups: diamond lolly

Parents ever said "you'll break your teeth on that lolly?" Well, they're be right in this case... Chupa Chups unveils diamond, ruby and emerald lollypops.

Crystal Ski: onesie

Forget polo shirts...Crystal Ski has replaced the uniform for staff with a onesie.

Fitsme: Harry Styles tells you you're beautiful’s photo-accurate virtual fitting room now has a new feature: celebs telling you how you look. From Harry Styles from One Direction, singing “That's what makes you beautiful!” to Obi Wan Kenobi, telling you “This is not the fit you’re looking for.”

Malibu: Taste of Summer

Malibu has been working hard with AnalogFolk to create a revolutionary, innovative, breakthrough (you get the picture) to manipulate the standard touchscreen technology found in all smartphones to stimulate your taste buds and send specific flavour signals to your brain, letting you taste cocktails directly through your phone. The acceptable way to have a tipple at 11am.

Spitfire Ale: wireless-enabled bottles

Spitfire Ale has now become enabled with #wirefire - a wireless-enabled bottlecap chip. Well, it sorts out any pubs that don't have Wi-Fi...

Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge

The Google Maps team has launched a new Pokémon Challenge. By clicking 'start' on the Pokemon ball while in Google Maps, you can find and collect nearby Pokemon.

And last but not least...The Drum: #shabbycab

The Drum towed a taxi with the name of two of its rival titles (Marketing Week and Campaign) around London this morning, as part of Advertising Week Europe.

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