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British Airways apologises for poorly timed 'discover the Indian Ocean' advert

image taken by Alan Milford @alz

British Airways has apologised for a poorly timed advert urging viewers ‘to escape the commute and discover the Indian Ocean’ just days after it was revealed that missing flight MH370 is thought to have crashed there.The ad, which appears to be running on the London Underground and has now begun to spread on Twitter, features the text on top of a background of the sea. The Drum approached BA to check that the advert was indeed real, and the airline confirmed that it was. “We are very sorry for any offence caused, and the advertising is being withdrawn,” a BA spokesperson said. “This campaign was planned some months ago and we recognise that its appearance at this time is inappropriate.”Earlier this week, the Malaysian president confirmed their belief that the flight, missing for two weeks previously, had crashed into the Indian Ocean, with ships currently on their way to hunt for suspected aircraft debris.

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