Hungry builders discuss gender politics and feminist theory in new Snickers ad

A candid camera-style experiment for Snickers, created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, saw a bunch of builders calling out to female passers-by – providing positive and empowering compliments, as well as discussing feminist theory.

Continuing the ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ Snickers campaign, the ad shows the actors pretending to be builders shocking passers-by with the unexpected remarks.

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne executive creative director Ant Keogh said: “It’s not always easy to create a local adaptation of a global theme, but with Snickers, it’s been an absolute delight. The whole premise of ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ gives us enormous scope.”

The premise of the campaign is that you become someone else when you’re hungry, and therefore behave in an unexpected manner.

Brad Cole, Bars segment lead, said: “There were a few nervous moments while we were filming the reactions but the public took the experiment in the spirit in which it was intended – to charm and amuse them.”