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Save the Children works with the Purple Agency to improve data strategy and save funds

Save the Children will reinvest the savings it makes in data cleaning in its worldwide projects

Save the Children has worked with the Purple Agency to develop a new approach to data cleaning and hygiene, ensuring that the charity maintains a high level of accuracy with supporter addresses.

The ‘deep clean approach’ will allow the charity to make significant savings which can then be put towards its projects around the world.

Save the Children’s head of supporter information, Patrick Dunn, explained: “[By] adopting a more tailored approach to each donor group we’ve been able to gain further improvements. These are now a regular part of our enhanced data hygiene process. All the savings we have made are going directly to where they are needed to frontline projects all over the world.”

Andrew Woodger, data and planning director, the Purple Agency, added: “Many organisations get the basics of data management right. The challenge now is to push this further to enable us to wring every available drop of accuracy and usability out of this vital fundraising source. Working closely with Save the Children, we designed a database hygiene model which did just that.”

Save the Children works in 120 countries across the globe to save children’s lives and fight for their rights, helping them to fulfil their potential.