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Scottish Police Federation releases continuous motion films to show the dangers police officers face on the job

The Scottish Police Federation (SPF) has worked with boutique production company Brain Candy Films to produce three films for the #itswhatwedo initiative.

The three films aim to raise awareness of the difficult decision police officers are faced with. Commissioned by Tinker Taylor TV to produce the three films Brain Candy Films brought each of the three stories to life through the use of a single, continuous take, a method decided upon by Brain Candy’s director of photography James Stoneley and director Simon Ellis.

Stoneley explained: “We didn’t want to give the viewer any opportunity to take their eyes off the action as the tension gathers momentum. By using a single continuous take and not cutting between shots, the audience are forced to stay locked in the moment with the officer, living through the situation as the story unravels frame by frame.

“Choreography, camera-work, lighting... everything had to be absolutely spot-on! If one tiny element wasn’t perfect during a take, we had to shoot the entire scene again.”

The three films were aired publically for the first time during last week’s Scottish Conservative Conference and MSP Mary Fee has since logged a motion for the films to be recognised by the Scottish Parliament in support of the effort to raise awareness around the role of policing.

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