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Crowd-funding platform Kickstarter launches iTunes film channel

Kickstarter has launched a dedicated film channel on iTunes, letting users rent and buy films successfully funded by the crowd-funding platform.

Those who download it can buy films in standard or high definition, watch trailers, and view information on cast and crew and user ratings.

Since its launch in 2009 people have pledged more than $200m to film and video projects on the site, according to Kickstarter. These began as independent movies alone, but over time it has attracted major Hollywood directors including Do The Right Thing director Spike Lee, and other well-known actors including Scrubs’ Zach Braff, which have turned to the platform to help fund their projects.

The platform's creator Michael McGregor said in a blog that users can now watch “hundreds” of films.

“The room features a LOT of Kickstarter-funded films, including Veronica Mars, the fan favorite television show turned full-length movie made possible by the support of 91,585 fans. There’s also an amazing assortment of other films, including favorites like Gimme the Loot, Indie Game: The Movie, Putty Hill, Trash Dance, and Buzkashi Boys, an Oscar-nominated short filmed entirely in Afghanistan. There’s enough in there to keep you busy for months,” he said.

Kickstarter’s iTunes launch coincides with the debut of TV actress Kristen Bell’s release of the Veronica Mars film, which was crowd-funded on the platform.

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