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Quiet Storm bought out by directors

The directors of the Quiet Storm agency in London have confirmed that they are to buy out the agency and take control of the business.

They are reacquiring the 50 percent of the business that was sold to Inferno.

Directors Trevor Robinson, Jon Howard, Rania Robinson and Laura Derbyshire will exit the agency’s HQ in London once they acquire full control.

“Nothing will change,” Robinson said.

“When we got together with Inferno we thought that the deal would help us move through the glass ceiling and get bigger, but our core clients were used to us as a smaller agency and in the end we were pretty much carrying on the way we always had.”

MD of Inferno Rania Robinson said “We bought into a partnership with Inferno, not a wider network, so this was a perfect opportunity to reappraise that situation.”

The demerger has been described as amicable.