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How can programmatic be better understood by advertisers? Q&A with VivaKi, IBM, Xaxis and others

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February 27, 2014 | 5 min read

In a complex digital ecosystem, programmatic trading offers numerous benefits for advertisers. Here, judges of The Drum Digital Trading Awards, newly launched in 2014, discuss what further push advertisers need to understand the opportunity of this constantly evolving space.

Marco Bertozzi, executive managing director EMEA, VivaKi

Programmatic as a tactic is like Youtube and Facebook before that and Google search before that, and so on. Advertisers have a lot on their plates and still invest lots of money elsewhere, as well as often handling wider marketing remits and as a consequence cannot take all these things on overnight. That said, we have those who either have the type of business seeing diminishing returns by blasting millions of impressions on the same handful of websites and looking for a better way, or just the natural curiosity of the person who enjoys technology and new things – whichever it is, those advertisers are already deeply into this space.

If you are a luxury goods brand, you may think this does not affect you because it is a 'DR' business. As those advertisers realise this has nothing to do with brand vs response, they will see the opportunity as well. No publisher will be untouched by programmatic and the creativity possible is increasingly daily, so expect to see all advertisers reading up on this space.

Michael Smith, marketing leader, IBM

This is a constantly evolving space and we are all at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding the opportunities. The value for advertising clients is immense. The sooner that all parties can work together in a more trusting fashion, the sooner the opportunities will be realised. Education will be ongoing for all parties.

Mary Keane-Dawson, digital entrepreneur, founder, How She Made It and CEO, MyHealthPal

Advertisers need to stop leaving critical decisions regarding their consumer and prospective consumer's data in the hands of agencies who are only accountable for ROI metrics. This is CRM territory, and as such, develop expertise in this area or prepare to become redundant.

Lee Baker, founder, The First Space

Case studies. Metrics for success. The First Space is proud to be part of The Drum Digital Trading Awards because it is recognition of achievement in this space that will encourage advertiser brands. Not to mention transparency about how brand money is being spent with whom, and where.

Sue Hunt, managing director UK, Improve Digital

Where we have made great strides helping publishers understand that opening up to real time advertising unlocks new revenue without cannibalising their direct channels and audience, we need to reassure the advertiser that their brand integrity is maintained. Brand safety is an important focus of our industry, as represented by the recent commitment from the IAB Digital Trading council, and the platforms that power programmatic are committed to ensuring they can trade in a transparent, safe environment.

Nicky McShane, VP, business development EMEA, Xaxis

Data is the cornerstone of programmatic and therefore as an industry we need to understand how to collect, segment, analyse and package it so that we can use it intelligently to stimulate customers and improve interaction with our brands.

Over the past few years, advertisers have become much more aware of the wealth of data they already have at their fingertips. Massive internet reliance as well as constant technological advancement has allowed the industry to discover many new insights into customer browsing interactions.

The challenge ahead will be in how businesses can harness every facet of the data they have, including combining siloed marketing, IT and sales data to give fully connected insight which they can use to build their brands online. Now is most definitely the time for marketers to realise the full capabilities of data and programmatic, to collectively and strategically apply them to improve customer experience, drive greater ROI and reduce media wastage.

Melina Jacovou, founder and CEO, Propel

Generally, any new method or tool is taken up with a snowball effect – slow to begin with, people start talking about it and then it grows exponentially as its success becomes more evident. This effect alone is likely to increase the awareness of the opportunity. Aside from that, industry specific publishers and trade bodies are likely to be the ones who bring it to a larger audience.

This article is part of The Drum's Digital Trading feature in the 19 February issue.

Entries are now closed for The Drum Digital Trading Awards. To register for 2015 entry or find out more, visit the awards website for more information.

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