Video blab blab: Bebo launches free video-sending app, with ‘shake to destroy’ function

Bebo seems to be riling up for its revival with the creation of Blab, a video chat apps that allows users to send free messages through iOS and Android.

Set to launch on iOS in March, with the Android version to be unveiled later, Blab will allow users to create video messages by holding down a button on their smartphone screen, and sending the video by releasing the button.

If a message is sent to someone who does not have the app, the video will instead be sent by SMS. Videos can be watched again, until a new video is sent.

Shaan Puri, CEO of Monkey Inferno, the tech incubator behind the revival of Bebo, has said that this is the first of three apps which Bebo will launch this year.

"Rather than come back as a clunky social network, full of complicated features, we wanted to make an app that was simpler, doing one cool thing really really well," said Puri.

He added that there was a ‘shake to destroy’ function, in the case that something goes wrong: "Of course, we understand that sometimes people make mistakes when they send a video (saying the wrong thing, or choosing the wrong person), so we made an even simpler way to cancel the video.

"All you have to do is 'shake-to-destroy', which means you can shake your phone within five seconds of sending a video, and it will cancel sending the video."

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