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Children's milestones used to encourage parents to book Disneyland Paris family holiday

Disneyland Paris has unveiled two new ads to encourage parents not to delay their family trip to the most magical place on earth.

Created by BETC Paris the adverts follow two years of research which revealed key moments in the rhythm of family life that can trigger a decision to act. These moments were found to coincide with milestones in the lives of children, particularly as they graduate from one age bracket to the next.

The first creative is aimed at parents of children aged between three and seven, that age where a child’s imagination is a boundless place. The second iteration targets parents of eight-13 year olds who are no longer ‘little’ children but aren’t quite ‘big’ yet.

BETC Paris was tasked with confronting parents with the evidence that their children are growing up fast in a sensitive, sympathetic, intimate and genuine way using tact and subtlety to avoid antagonising families too much.

The launch of the two new ads marks the end of Disneyland Paris’ era of annual celebrations.

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