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February 24, 2014 | 2 min read

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Lothian Buses has worked with Edinburgh-based Heehaw Digital to create an animated video and print project celebrating the history of the company.

‘From There to Here’ begins in the 19th Century and charts Lothian Buses progression right up until the present day, with the soundtrack and city skyline evolving as the film travels through time.

In addition to charting Lothian Buses evolution the film also features facts and archive photographs covering almost 150 years’ worth of history.

Vehicles from horse and carriage to the new eco-trams feature in the video, alongside buildings and landmarks which feature on the Edinburgh skyline, from the Castle to the Scotts Monument, to Arthur’s Seat and The Scottish Parliament.

Heehaw used colour and music to highlight the films journey through time with the video beginning in black and white, before moving up through sepia and into varying degrees of colour. Piano tunes of the silent movies, to 30s Charleston, 70s funk and modern rock provide the varied soundtrack.

With the tram service finally about to come into effect in the city centre the video aims to showcase Edinburgh’s transport heritage and as well as its future.

Heehaw has also created a graphic wrap for the Waverly Bridge Transport Centre, which is currently getting re-fitted, based on images from the video.

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Heehaw is a film, video and animation production company.  We are based in Edinburgh, Scotland and work with clients all around the world.

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