Winter Olympics LGBT creative challenge winner revealed: Check out the top 10 spoof Sochi ads

With Winter Olympics host Russia widely criticised for its treatment of homosexuals, The Drum, The Chip Shop Awards and One Minute Briefs joined forces to set the creative industry a unique advertising challenge: come up with spoof ads showing how the Sochi games sponsors could promote the LGBT message in Russia.

After being inundated on Twitter with brave, bold and bonkers ideas for the likes of McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble, we put the best 50 as chosen by One Minute Briefs on a week ago and asked our readers to vote for their favourites.

More than 2,000 votes were cast and today we can reveal the top 10, as chosen by you, and announce our winner, who receives a special Chip Shop Awards certificate and two free passes to this year's Chip Shop Awards ceremony on 12 June at the Ministry of Sound in London. Scroll down to see the results.

10. Come as UUSSR

Stephen Hunter, freelance creative

9. The people's car

Blue Strawberry Elephant

8. Putin

7. G&P

Jon Sharp

6. Zero tolerance


5. Two bobs...

Liam Biesty

4. Worldwide acceptance

Robyn Kendal

3. It's ok to be gay

Shane Jones

2. Lovin'


1. Accepted everywhere

And the gold medal goes to... Carolyn Lonsdale from Maxmedia, whose beautifully simple Visa spoof reimagining the brand's accepted everywhere motto was the most popular entry among our readers. Carolyn, we'll see you at the Chip Shops.If this competition has got your creative juices flowing, you can enter the official Chip Shop Awards until Friday 14 March.

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