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Interflora's Twitter account goes into meltdown as it fails to fulfil Valentine's Day orders

The person handling Interflora's Twitter account over the last 24 hours won't be forgetting Valentine's Day 2014 in a hurry, as the flower delivery service went into meltdown seemingly unable to cope with the demand. Interflora promised customers Valentine's Day delivery on all orders placed before 1pm yesterday, a promise - it seems - it couldn't fulfil. Frustrated customers turned to Twitter and for the last 24 hours Interflora has been steadily apologising at a rate of one apology every 2.5 minutes, give or take. Things appeared to be going swimmingly until around 4pm yesterday with Interflora apologising for the odd glitch, then disaster struck with the florist beginning to reply to a deluge of unhappy customers. If that wasn't enough, along with all the missing bouquets Interflora also had to deal with complaints about the deliveries it did manage, raging from the 'mouldy' bottles of wine it sent out in addition to flowers and dodgy spelling mistakes on gift cards. A spokesperson for Interflora told The Drum that there has been "some queries and complaints regarding orders". They added: "While it is a small number of the overall volume of orders, we do take each and every enquiry very seriously. We are working with our customers to put things right according to our Interflora Promise. We apologise to the customers affected and will ensure that all queries are dealt with as soon as possible."Despite claiming to only be a "small number of the overall volume of orders" at the time of writing Interflora is still churning out the apologetic tweets and promising to investigate the missing orders. Here's a selection of Interflora's tweets from the last few hours...

Interflora promised Valentine's Day delivery for orders placed before 1pm