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Flappy Bird digital memorial celebration marks Game Over for hit title

Gamers in a flap over the demise of their favourite title can now find succour in the form of a ‘digital memorial celebration’ (a world first) to commemorate the untimely demise of Flappy Bird.

The memorial will take place on 16 February at 12:00 UTC at to mark the passing of a title which racked up 50m downloads in its short life.

Visitors are encouraged to send in condolences and video tributes or even give its Vietnamese creator Dong Nguyen a tap on the back for all his hard work.

Funeral organiser Philip Hovensjo said: “In only 28 days, the app-game Flappy Bird climbed the rankings and won our hearts. But now the creator has decided to delete it from the face of the Internet, which means Game Over forever. Let’s celebrate this beloved, hated little bird with a worthy Memorial Celebration.”

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