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Yes Scotland poised to unleash £2.5m marketing campaign

Pro-independence campaigners are set to unleash up to £2.5m on an outdoor advertising campaign as a precursor to an all-out £7m push to convince sceptical Scots that they should vote yes in the referendum.

The cash has been used to reserve thousands of billboards, posters and phone booths across the country for the Yes message, each of which will swing into action from early March through to the big day on 18 September.

Four waves of activity are planned during March, April, July and early September with separate contracts for digital, cinema and newspaper advertising also being negotiated. It would be one of the largest outdoor advertising campaigns ever seen in the country, provoking anger from those who to see the UK stay united.

A spokesman for Better Together said: “Nobody should be surprised by this, but they have every right to be angry. The SNP have already spent hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money on billboards and advertising agencies. They have shown that no budget is too big when it comes to using our money to pay for propaganda for their independence campaign."

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