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Baby Oleg joins his meerkat family in new idents for Coronation Street

Compare the Market’s latest addition, Baby Oleg, will make his debut in the Coronation Street sponsorship idents tonight (Wednesday 12 February).

The idents, which are part of the brand's on-going sponsorship of the ITV soap, have previously shown the meerkats in and around famous cobbles, however for the first time since the sponsorship began the meerkats have returned to their native Meerkovo.

Coronation Street fans will be given exclusive access to the Orlov mansion to see Baby Oleg getting to know the other meerkats, including Bogdan and Maiya, and watch Aleksandr and Sergei take to fatherhood. marketing director, Mark Vile, commented: “Celebrating our one year anniversary with Gary Barlow on the famous cobbles was a great moment in our sponsorship of Coronation Street and, just like any good soap opera, it is time to give viewers something (or someone) new and fresh to keep them entertained. We had a hunch that Oleg would be well received as he is incredibly cute. However the positive response so far has been quite overwhelming.

"We hope Coronation Street viewers enjoy seeing what’s next for Oleg.”

Baby Oleg is the first new character to be introduced into the meerkat mob since the family originally hit our screens.