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The Chip Shop Awards/One Minute Brief challenge: Creatives briefed to create ads to show Sochi Winter Olympic sponsors how to support LGBT cause

As The Winter Olympics kicks off in Sochi today and Russia’s hostile attitudes towards the homosexual community have come under more scrutiny, The Drum, The Chip Shop Awards and One Minute Briefs have issued a creative challenge around the issue. For today only, a brief has been set to creatives to devise adverts showing the Games sponsors such as McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Visa, Panasonic, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Atos, General Electric, Omega and Dow, how they should be pushing gay rights in the host country. The resulting creative ideas should be tweeted in response to the brief through @oneminutebriefs. The Drum’s readers will then vote for their favourite, with the winner picking up two tickets to this year’s Chip Shop Awards ceremony this summer.

The voting will take place on Monday 10 February on The Drum website. Meanwhile, the Chip Shop Awards plans to create a Breaking News category this year to host adverts created in real-time as part of a breaking news story.One Minute Briefs can be followed on Twitter @oneminutebriefsMore details about The Chip Shop Awards can be found on the official website, where entries are also available to view.

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