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Moving toward a sustainable future: The innovation and transformation of the food industry

Kees Kruythoff

chairman and chief executive officer

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founder & executive chairman

Infographic: Those who click on performance display ads do 51% more organic search clicks than those who don’t

On average across all industries, 65 per cent of the consumers recruited through performance display did not click on paid search ads, research from Criteo has found.

Searchers who click on performance display ads do 51 per cent more organic search clicks and 35 per cent more paid search clicks resulting in an increase in natural search on average.

It was also found that clickers on performance display ads that are both older and possess a higher income are more valuable than the average Internet user.

The study was conducted in partnership with Nielsen and Mediametrie, the research explores the development of performance display advertising in recent years and how it leverages big data to reach the right audience at the right time.