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Guardian News & Media’s director of consumer revenues named as DMA chair

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has named Julia Porter, Guardian News & Media’s director of consumer revenues, as its newly elected chair.

Porter has sat on the board for the past three years, and will now hold the position of chair for three years.

She said: “New technologies have given us the tools to extend one-to-one marketing to connect with millions of people. We’ll be ensuring that our members stay at the forefront of industry developments through the creation of an open, connected community of experts, mentors, change agents and thought providers who will be the creative engine of the one-to-one to millions industry.

“This is an exciting time for the DMA; over the last three years we’ve reinvigorated the organisation and we’re ready to move forwards. We will create a vibrant community, online or in person, which will provide a focus for campaigning, sharing best practice and networking for all our members.”

Porter takes over Scott Logie, partner at the Mothership Group and MD of Red Wigwam.