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Shazam to launch raft of Super Bowl content experiences for brands including exclusive Bruno Mars tour video

Shazam is gearing up to launch a raft of additional content experiences tonight at the Super Bowl including exclusive access to tour videos from singer Bruno Mars.

The media discovery company will for the first time ever recognise all the ads which run during the sporting event, so viewers can watch and share their favourites on social media channels.

As part of its ‘big game experience’ the company will also include free downloads and a new timeline feature so fans can keep abreast of the broadcast in real time.

When people ‘Shazam’ the Bruno Mars performance during the game they will gain exclusive access to footage from his Moonshine Jungle tour in Paris where he sang ‘If I Knew’.

Fans can also buy tickets to see his next leg of the tour when they unlock the content.

The first ad of the game is for Bud Light’s Cool Twist aluminum bottles and will feature a world premiere release with 500,000 free downloads of Afrojack’s new song, “Ten Feet Tall” for fans aged 21 years and older.

The new track will not be available to buy until midnight, so fans of the artist can be the first to get it for free by Shazaming the Bud Light commercial.

Meanwhile Jaguar is also offering a Shazam-enabled Super Bowl experience. When people Shazam Jaguar’s ‘Rendezvous’ ad, featuring the all-new F-TYPE Coupe, they are taken to an interactive British Villains concept that features recent models and behind-the-scenes videos.

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