Full-screen takeover ads drive higher brand recall, likeability, social shares and endorsements, study finds

Full-screen takeover ads are more likely to be shared on social channels and attract higher brand recall and recognition than other forms of digital advertising, a study has found.

A report from digital advertising company Undertone in partnership with Ipsos ASI found that full-screen takeover ads drove 124 per cent more unaided brand recall than standard digital advertising display, while they were 61 per cent more likely to be shared on social networks.

The study, which surveyed 3,000 people, found that full-screen takeovers were also 58 per cent more likely to result in personal recommendations than standard display. Furthermore, full-screen takeovers and large-canvas display ads were more likely to drive shoppers to a brand website.

Although more interruptive to the browsing experience, the study found full-screen takeover had a surprisingly higher likeability factor of 40 per cent and considered 86 per cent more entertaining than standard display.

Cameron Hulett, executive director, EMEA, Undertone, said: “Previous data has revealed that high impact ads outperform standard display against metrics like click-through rate and engagement, but to date there has been limited data revealing the branding, emotive and social impact of these larger-canvas and more immersive units.

“This study conclusively proves the efficacy of these units against a broad range of metrics that are highly valuable for brands. The findings are particularly timely as marketers are increasingly starting to weigh the benefits of extending high impact buys across smartphones and tablets as part of integrated brand campaigns.”

Large-canvas display ads were also found to be more effective than standard display ads with 41 per cent more likely to be found enjoyable than standard display. In addition, large-canvas display ads drove 49 per cent more personal recommendations.

Video image courtesy of Shutterstock