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Stan Collymore quits Twitter following racist abuse as ex Ulrika Jonsson accuses him of ‘vile hypocrisy’

Stan Collymore has pulled the plug on his Twitter account after being branded a ‘vile hypocrite’ by his ex-Ulrika Jonsson - in the wake of his crusade against internet trolls on the micro-blogging platform.

Collymore had been a vocal Twitter user for several years and had used the platform to tweet several messages questioning Jonsson’s account but yesterday TalkSport announced it would be reviewing its use of the medium in light of Twitter's 'inaction' over abuse he received having questioned whether Liverpool FC striker took a dive during a match at the weekend.

The ruckus unfolded yesterday when Collymore toured television studios to complain about threats made against his wellbeing, stating that he had been ‘threatened with murder several times, demeaned on my race.’

This morning Jonsson has waded into that row, reminding people that she was a victim of abuse herself – at the hands of the former footballer.

Recalling a 1998 incident in which Collymore beat up the TV presenter, by kicking her in the head, she told The Sun: “If he’s so against death threats, why did he say he’d ‘f****** kill’ me? It’s a disgrace.”

Following the furore Collymore has opted to pull the plug on his Twitter account as of this morning, deleting all but his most recent few tweets.

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