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Ad of the Day: Red Cross - Every Crisis is Personal

The reluctance of people to donate money to a charity if they suspect the funds are destined to help people overseas rather than those who require assistance within these islands can be a real blight when it comes to fund-raising. It's a prejudice that no one wants to encourage but the issue cannot be left unaddressed and this terrific film for the British Red Cross negotiates it with aplomb.... not to mention tact and grace.

While it's hard to gauge what kind of crisis the frail protagonist is facing and it's questionable whether the Red Cross are likely to be the agency that responds, this depiction nonetheless allows the key message to be conveyed... this is a charity that doesn't discriminate and will help anyone who needs it.

So those who feel that charity should begin at home can confidently donate to an organisation who are doing good wherever they feel it needs to be done.

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