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BBC launches Instagram video news service to target mobile and tablet users

The BBC has launched a new video news service delivered specifically at Instagram users as part of efforts to tap into the burgeoning mobile and tablet markets.

Instafax takes the form of a month long experiment consisting of three, 15 second videos uploaded every day and is being positioned as an inheritor of the Ceefax short-form news legacy following the latter’s demise in 2012.

Steve Herrmann, head of BBC News Online, said: “We want the process to be organic, and we're keen to trial new ideas on how we can use our video content to reach new audiences.

"James Harding (director of BBC News) has been clear in his vision to find innovative ways to bring the best of our journalism to new audiences, something our team has been looking at for some time."

The BBC has said it currently has no plans to launch any further social media trials.

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