Dropbox denies claims it was hacked and user information leaked after it shut down for several hours

Dropbox is recovering from an outage which left users unable to access the site for several hours, but maintains that it was due to technical issue and not a hack. The file sharing service said it on its site that it was down due to an issue that came up during "regular maintenance", which it then updated to reiterate that "external factors" had not played a part. However, the hacker group The 1775 Sec claimed responsibility, saying via Twitter that it had taken the site down to mark the one-year anniversary of Aaron Swartz’s suicide. The group then threatened a database leak if Dropbox didn’t fix its “website vulnerabilities" and later posted a link to a partial leak, apparently giving the names and email addresses of Dropbox users. As Dropbox remained silent, and media reported it as a maintenance issue, The 1775 posted several messages claiming the the hack was simply a Denial of Service and that the leaked information came from an old database, revealing it was done to "troll" the media.

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