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CES 2014 day 2 and 3: Intel top brand two days in a row on Twitter, while ‘robot’ accounts for 1% of tweets

Intel was the most mentioned brand on both day two (Wednesday) and day three (Thursday) of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), with 6,032 and 3,699 mentions, respectively.Yesterday saw television become the most-mentioned product type, with just under 12,000 mentions, double that of tablets in second place, according to the research by Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud.It was found that 1.75 tweets per second were sent on Wednesday, with 1.77 tweets sent per second yesterday.Microsoft is not giving a keynote and is not on the show floor, but it has still managed to crack the top ten brands mentioned, coming in at seventh.Michael Bay is still the most-mentioned celebrity following his walking-off-stage antics, with 50 Cent and Shaq bouncing back and forth for the second and third spots. The word "robot" appeared 1,038 times in tweets on Wednesday, with robot fridges, cleaners and other gadgets being announced.