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Blippar unveils 2013 ‘Blipp-o-meter’ with Argos Gift Guide taking the top spot


By Gillian West | Social media manager

January 10, 2014 | 3 min read

The Argos Gift Guide has been revealed as the most successful Blipp of 2013, according to results released by augmented reality platform Blippar.

Of the list, Ambarish Mitra, CEO of Blippar, said: “The variety in the 2013 top ten blipps – from magazine covers to product packaging and even outdoor advertisements – showcase just how diverse the nation’s interests are, from shoppers to footie fans and foodies!

“It is no longer enough to just have a static image to engage consumers, brands need to be exploring the use of technology which can bring their campaigns to life if they want to succeed.”

1. Argos Gift Guide

The 2013 ‘Blipp-o-meter’ reveals the year’s 10 most popular campaigns, with the Argos Gift Guide in poll position generating 891,191 interactions.

2 and 3. JuiceBurst packaging and Top of the Pops One Direction cover

JuiceBurst’s Blippable packaging came in second with an interactive cover for Top of the Pops featuring One Direction placing third.

4 and 5. Radio Times Doctor Who cover and BBC Doctor Who Adventures

Fourth and fifth place were dominated by BBC favourite Doctor Who with the Radio Times Doctor Who cover cinching fourth position and the BBC Doctor Who Adventures magazine cover placing fifth.

6. Kesha Warrior album cover

Pop-star Kesha’s decision to augment her latest album cover paid off, with the Warrior album cover ranking as the sixth most popular Blipp of 2013.

7 and 8. Match of the Day magazine covers (issues 265 and 267)

Match of the Day scored seventh and eighth place on the list with its interactive covers, issue number 265 narrowly beating issue 267 to the higher position.

9 and 10. Coca-Cola's slim cans and Good Food magazine's April cover

Coca-Cola’s slim cans took ninth on the rankings with Good Food’s April magazine cover rounding out the top 10 at number 10.
Blippar Argos JuiceBurst

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