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68% of people would be too embarrassed to wear Google Glass in public

Over two thirds of people would feel uncomfortable wearing Google Glass in public, making them unlikely to invest $600 in the product, according to a survey from

The survey of 1132 people ahead of the rumoured April 2014 launch also found that the same number (68 per cent) would not feel comfortable talking to somebody else who is wearing the device

When asked about their concerns, safety and privacy were the main issues cited. 70 per cent of people were worried about privacy, such as being filmed without permission, while 58 per cent were worried about more general safety, like cyclists wearing the device.

It is thought that the state-of-the-art glasses will start at around $600 USD, but 53 per cent of those who participated in the survey said that the price was too high, while 61 per cent stated that they had no need for another gadget of this kind.