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Tattoo artist consults Rihanna's lawyers after his image ends up on H&M t-shirt without his knowledge

Tattoo artist Richard Elsby, known as Gold Frank, says he has been left in "shock" after discovering photos he had taken for his website in June 2012 have ended up on t-shirts being sold internationally by retail chain H&M.

Elsby's image has been sold on H&M t-shirts worldwide

After discovering the t-shirts adorned with his image and the quote "Black runs through my veins" Elsby contacted Rihanna's lawyers after the same thing happened to her earlier this year when

Topshop used her image without her consent on its clothing.

Elsby commented: "I spoke to Rihanna's lawyers and they said I had a good case for defamation, it could seen satanic because of the quote."

He explained: "I had pictures taken for the studio website and quite a few images ended up being used. It was a while later that somebody told me they had seen a picture of me on a t-shirt in H&M in Manchester. I got in the car and drove over to Manchester and it was there as soon as I walked in. It was a shock.

"Initially I thought it was part of a small capsule collection but then I started getting pictures from friends of them popping up all over Europe and then in the US. Now it has sold out worldwide, so it must have been popular."

Elsby says he hasn't done anything legally as of yet as he's waiting to find out "whether or not it was sold in the right way." Due to his heavily tattooed appearance Elbsy says he has previously been approached by brands to appear on their clothing but had turned their offers down.

Adding: "I feel peeved and cheated especially as there are other brands I have turned down for this type of thing. I've never had an apology from anyone about this and I've not seen a pent from any of the sales."

Elsby revealed he found it "absolutely insane" and hopes the issue will highlight to the UK public that they don't own the copyright to their own image. Photographer Julian Holtom of JH Media in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, said he took the image but didn't sign over the copyright.

According to H&M it purchased the image from an image agency under agreement.

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