Forrester predicts the rise of smart data in 2014, enhancing mobile and social media advertising

Location based marketing is set to evolve in 2014

Data-driven marketing is set to evolve in 2014 as smartphone adoption soars, with mobile's value set to be measured on more than just its effectiveness on mobile sites and apps.

According to Forrester, big data will make way for smart data across social, mobile and media in 2014, with advanced marketers using mobile data to evaluate the value of location specific marketing and in-store promotions, as well as using smart data to buy inventory more efficiently.

Marketers and publishers will find that data-driven media will create new ad products and targeting opportunities in the coming year, meaning marketing spend should become more efficient and effective.

Forrester predict that marketers will begin to experiment with location beyond store locators and mobile messaging, with a greater number of signals from sensors enabling smart mobile marketers to increase the accuracy of their advertising, with help from third-party offline sources.

The Database of Affinity - comprised of the billions of likes, shares and comments made on social media each month - is also set to power better social media marketing in 2014, with promoted posts that don't leverage several layers of targeting, or tweets that aren't inspired and scheduled by data tools set to be seen as old-fashioned and ineffective as the year rolls on.

Social media's value as a marketing tool will also be measured by more than just its effectiveness to market to those on social sites, with marketers set to use social data enhance their online display


Forresters recommendations to advertisers for the year ahead is to have an "approach that combines the art of marketing - channel coordination based on your audience's behaviours across the customer life cycle - with the science of marketing - making investment decisions based on desired business outcomes and informed by data insights."

Finally, native advertising is predicted to come of age in 2014, with brands, publishers and native advertising networks increasingly able to make targeted decisions based on content consumption and sharing data.

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