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Viral Video Chart 12 Dec: WestJet's Christmas miracle beats Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi's selfie shootout

Canadian airline WestJet has flown straight to the top of this week's viral chart with its feel-good video showing how it made its passengers' Christmas wishes come true

Travellers checking in for their flights were encouraged to tell Santa Claus what they would like for Christmas before boarding their plane. When they disembarked at the other end, they were shocked to find their dream gifts waiting for them on the baggage carousel, courtesy of WestJet.

The stunt has proved a PR coup for the airline after the video was shared more than 240,000 times in the past week.

That gives it enough shares to take top spot in this week's chart, beating another carrier, Turkish Airlines, which had pitted football star Lionel Messi against basketball giant Kobe Bryant in a battle to take the best 'selfie'.

The charts are supplied by the Viral Ad Network and are based on the number of social media shares each video has received over the last seven days. The Viral Ad Network also writes The Viral Video Blog.

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