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Engagement figure for radio listeners with a station’s Twitter account at only 0.4%

Radio stations are missing the mark on the content, timing and targeting of their Twitter activity, research from Brandwatch has found, with the average engagement figure for listeners with a station’s Twitter account as low as 0.4 per cent.

However, the research discovered that audience activity increased by an average of 81 per cent when a radio station increased its weekly Twitter activity.

The research analysed the Twitter conversation around 20 of the most listened to UK radio stations over the 2013 summer period, and found that Radio One (@BBR1) took the title for the most discussed radio station – accounting for 50 per cent of the total conversation.

“Social media is posing both a problem and opportunity for brands, and each industry is adapting to it in a different way. Radio at first might seem slightly at odds with this new media revolution, but this research shows that few stations are making the most of these sweeping changes in the ways that people communicate with one another” said Joel Windels, marketing manager EMEA, Brandwatch.

“Those broadcasters - and indeed any other brands - that are best able to intelligently embrace social media will be the organisations we’re still talking about in a decade’s time - and those that don’t will be just a memory from a bygone era.”

Only 15 per cent of radio stations consistently use an official hashtag in their tweets and none are promoting it on their Twitter bio.

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