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The Sun labels Russell Brand 'the biggest hypocrite in Britain' as it hits back at comedian for Guardian column

The Sun has hit back at criticism of the paper from Russell Brand by labelling him “a hypocrite” and describing his claim that last week’s edition of The Sun on Sunday had “lied” about him and his attack on the history of the newspaper and tabloid journalism as “absurd”. Writing in The Guardian, Brand, who is suing the newspaper, claiming that it falsely reported that he had cheated on his girlfriend, said that “everyone knows that papers like The Sun and the Daily Mail can’t be trusted.” and describing the newspaper’s owner Rupert Murdoch as “an animatronic al-Qaida recruitment poster”. He went on to highlight its past transgressions on its reporting of the Hillsborough Disaster and its now defunct sister title’s hacking of Milly Dowler’s phone. But the News UK title has hit back at Brand, dropping its pay wall to run a piece entitled; “20 Reasons Why Russell Brand is the Biggest Hypocrite in Britain”. The list of accusations stem from his acceptance of the title ‘Shagger of the Year’ from the newspaper for three years in a row, his writing for the newspaper, his work and books being published by Fox owned companies, his topless appearance on the front cover of The Sunday Times Magazine and claims that he has openly admitted to cheating the benefit system and protesting in anti-capitalist marches, despite being worth millions of pound himself. “Brand famously says one thing and does the opposite,” stated the introduction to the piece. In respond to the article, Brand tweeted “The S*n call me a hypocrite on their website for attacking them. For this story they've removed their pay wall. Now that's hypocrisy. (sic)”

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