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The Drum

G-Shock releases film to promote Amsterdam inspired, limited edition timepiece celebrating its 30th anniversary

To celebrate its 30th anniversary G-Shock has joined forces with Dutch designers Filling Pieces, OntFront, Ceizer and URBMATH to create a limited edition, high-end time piece representing the creativity and buzz of Amsterdam.

To support the launch the watch brand has unveiled a 90-second G-Shock film which will be screened at the anniversary event in Berlin on 28 November as part of the wider G-Sessions campaign.

With limited edition design handcrafted in the Netherlands, the promotional film aims to be as unique as the black, all-leather, couture-style watch. Written and directed by Hesdy Lonwijk, ‘Times is Rough and Tough like Leather’ features cinematographic style VFX treatment from The Ambassadors.

The Ambassadors visual effects artist, Stijn Waterman, commented: “The end result looks as slick and sharp as the incredible timepiece it is promoting.”

G-Sessions sees each limited-edition timepiece face a public vote with the winning watch – announced on the night - going from a run of just 10 to 200.